This Week's Deal Sheet
Bisnow March 7, 2023

Inland Commercial Brokerage, Inc. announced the sale of a 6-acre parcel on a 30-acre site to a local hotel developer. The property is located at the intersection of Northfield Meadows Boulevard and Freedom Drive in Bradley. 

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1031 or 721 Exchanges: Which Tax Deferral Option is Right for Your Clients?
FundFire March 2, 2023

Keith Lampi, president and CEO of Inland Private Capital Corporation, discussed 1031 and 721 exchanges with panelists during the March 2nd webinar.

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Inside Inland’s OZ And DST Success, With Keith Lampi
OpportunityDb February 28, 2023

Keith Lampi, president and CEO of Inland Private Capital Corporation, discusses how Inland helped create the modern-day DST, and how the Company leveraged its success with that structure to expand into Opportunity Zone offerings.

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DST Sector Battles Excess Inventory as Investor Demand Slows
Wealth Management February 13, 2023

“Reflecting on 2022, it was very much a tale of two halves,” says Keith Lampi, president & CEO at Inland Private Capital Corporation. 

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Inland Private Raises $1.45 Billion, Grows AUM to $12.2 Billion in 2022
The DI Wire January 27, 2023

“In the face of a challenging economic environment, I could not be more proud of the team’s execution, making 2022 a year of record-breaking performance by almost every metric,” said Keith Lampi, chief executive officer and president of Inland Private Capital.

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Inland Private Capital Completes Exceptional Year with $12.2 Billion in AUM and $1.45 Billion in Capital Raised
BlueVault Partners January 26, 2023

Inland Private Capital Corporation announced the close of an exceptionally strong year. Despite the economic turbulence that occurred throughout the broader U.S. economy in 2022, IPC ended the year with $12.2 billion in assets under management and $1.45 billion in new capital raised.  

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Inland Real Estate Acquisitions Buys $1.2 Billion of Multifamily Properties in 2022
The DI Wire January 24, 2023

Inland Real Estate Acquisitions, LLC  announced that it negotiated and closed the purchase of approximately $1.2 billion in multifamily properties on behalf of Inland-related entities throughout 2022.

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