Mixed Use

Inland National Development Corporation has demonstrated an expertise in developing mixed-use properties that offer a refined blend of private, public and commercial spaces. Mixed-use developments create pedestrian-oriented areas that layer compatible land uses, public amenities and utilities together at various scales and intensities. This mix of uses allows for people to live, work, play and shop in one location. These projects also draw people from other neighborhoods and. contribute to smart growth and efficient, transit-oriented, walkable and bicycle-friendly land uses. INDC's philosophy is that smart growth achieves a unique sense of community and place, expands the range of transportation, employment, and housing choices, equitably distributes the costs and benefits of development and preserves and enhances natural and cultural resources while promoting public health.

Benefits of mixed use developments include:
- Greater housing variety and density
- Reduced distances between housing, workplaces, retail businesses and other destinations
- Higher development efficiencies
- Stronger neighborhood character
- Pedestrian and bicycle-friendly environments